DNS Services Worldcast Network
DNS is a critical component of the Internet. DNS Services uses its proprietary Worldcast Network to help ensure availability, provide load balancing, and to help ensure that your website is reachable by the end user. The Worldcast Network's infrastructure is built on a redundant hardware platform optimized for maximum performance and minimum network down time.

  • Optimum reliability: maximize your domain's uptime availability
  • Boost performance: redundant name servers distributed worldwide
  • Elevate consistency: update DNS sync times from hours to seconds

  • Fast and Reliable Routing

    Worldcast routing, a sophisticated routing technology used by DNS Services, helps make sure your domain always talks to an available datacenter. In effect, this helps make web pages load more quickly, and your customers' overall Internet experience appear faster.

    Typically a domain utilizes a single name server, provided for free by their registrar. However, DNS Services provides secondary name servers that allow for resolution even if the primary name server goes down. We've designed a network that helps ensure both your website and mail server (MX records) continue to receive traffic even if your primary name servers fail.

    DNS Services operates one of the most powerful and up-to-date authoritative name server services on the Internet today, and is able to service requests across the entire global Internet. Because the Worldcast Network is able to handle tens of billions of DNS requests daily, its name servers can route packets worldwide to any point on the Internet at any given time. This ensures that for any DNS request made to DNS Services, the request can quickly and effectively be routed to our authoritative name servers. This reduces DNS response time, and helps to provide your customers with a faster Internet experience.

    Benefits of DNS Services Technology
      Benefits Description
    Increased Reliability The Worldcast Network improves reliability of DNS resolution through the placement of multiple geographically dispersed name servers across the globe. The redundancy of these DNS servers makes the service more highly available and reliable.
    Load Balancing DNS Services employs the latest in Class A cloud-based server hardware to handle load balancing.
    Improved Performance DNS Services offers improved performance by utilizing multiple redundant worldwide DNS server nodes.
    Enhanced Security Geographically dispersed DNS servers operate for maximum availability and make the DNS service more resilient to DOS and DDOS attacks.
    Simplified Client Configuration DNS Services' API makes configuration of your DNS Servers fast and easy.
    Increased Availability Worldcast servers ensure increased availability to businesses striving for maximum uptime.